Customer & Analysts Quotes

We are making a shift away from spending half of our budget on maintaining lights-on infrastructure, and instead get more of that money into creating really high value, highly responsive services.

- CIO, Asia-Pacific Bank

Im getting the ServiceMesh Demo now.  Wow!

- James Staten, VP and Principal Analyst at Foresster Research

Whatever you can dream up, I can orchestrate in the policy engine.

- Director of Converged Platform Services, Global Financial Services Firm

Great discussion with ServiceMesh, a cloud management platform – very forward looking and intuitive software for managing int and ext clouds.

- Kyle Hilgendorf, Principal Research Analyst, Gartner

ServiceMesh acts as the gatekeeper and manager of everything we want to do. I can now start thinking about my developers, my projects managers having direct access to my infrastructure, and I no longer have to be the middleman.

- Senior Business Leader, North American Financial Services Firm

IT organizations should ensure that their cloud management platforms provide extensible, policy-driven governance controls to manage the diversity of cloud services and environments, and get the ultimate value out of internal and external cloud services.

- Donna Scott, VP and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner

ServiceMesh has a bold vision of enterprise agility via holistic services orchestration capabilities that manage both on-premises and cloud-based services, with automation of service lifecycles through policy-based definitions and enforcement.

- Dana Gardner, President and Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions

A policy-based framework addresses enterprises’ governance and security needs. With ServiceMesh’s DevOps Accelerator, software cycle times should get shorter and faster.

- Rachel Chalmers, Vice President, 451 Research

My vision for this organization is to enable us to compete for any business we want against any competitor, and give them all the tools necessary for them to win that business. And that’s what we’re doing.

- Vice President, Global Debit and Credit Card Processor

ServiceMesh is successfully using the disruptive technologies of agile IT and cloud computing to deliver today the security, resiliency, policy enforcement, and auditing capabilities demanded by enterprise customers.

- Roy Illsley is Principal Analyst at Ovum.

The Agility Platform provides a single pane of glass of abstraction that allows you line of sight from the application, to the service, to the infrastructure; theoretically the entire stack. Once you have that, the whole commoditization of software as a services, true pay by the drink, true cost transparency, that’s where it’s headed.

- SVP of IT, Global Consumer Products Company

Had a demo with Servicemesh. Pretty comprehensive platform for the enterprises.

- Krishnan Subramanian is an industry analyst and prolific cloud blogger that was recently named one of the Top 25 Most Influential Voices in Cloud Computing.

ServiceMesh’s cloud management platform enables IT organizations to manage the plan, build and run cycle of cloud resources leveraging a sophisticated, policy-based framework.

- Cameron Haight, Research Vice President, Gartner

With ServiceMesh, we were able to do infrastructure-as-a-service almost up to the platform level, meaning with some middleware integration, and had the environment up and running and provisioning in 7 days.

- Vice President, Global Debit and Credit Card Processor

Half our spending went to the cost of doing business and conferred no strategic advantage. Today, the ratio of IT expenditure on business service versus infrastructure is 74 to 26 percent. We know that it’s world leading.

- CIO, Asia-Pacific Bank

…the company has a broad vision and is actually doing something about it.

- Dan Kusnetzky is a distinguished analyst and the founder of the Kusnetzky Group.

We’ve already adopted an “as-a-service” approach to infrastructure for some 25 functions, including storage, hosting and application development platforms.

- General Manager, Top 15 Global Bank

IT organizations should ensure that their cloud management platforms provide increasingly robust policy-driven governance and automated configuration management.

- Cameron Haight, Research Vice President

The first step was to virtualize and standardize those services, and the next step was to mobilize them, so we had competition in infrastructure provisioning. You can send new or existing work in either minutes, hours, days or weeks to competitors. That’s significantly improved the standard reduced the cost of infrastructure services.”

- CIO, Asia-Pacific Bank

Business Benefits


$100 million a year reduction in IT infrastructure costs

-Asia-Pacific Bank


1 month from PoC start to production deployment of enterprise cloud applications.

-Global Debit and Credit Card Processor


84% operating cost savings for IT infrastructure services.

-North American Financial Services Firm


Enable migration of 60-70% of the enterprise application portfolio to the cloud.

-Asia-Pacific Bank


78% reduction in time-to-market for provisioning custom enterprise platforms.

-Top 15 Global Bank


42% total cost of ownership savings for business-critical applications.

-Global Pharmaceutical Company


Increase IT innovation investment by 48% while keeping the overall IT budget constant.

-Top 15 Global Bank


97% reduction in time-to-market for provisioning standardized infrastructure services.

-Global Consumer Products Firm



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