What We Do

ServiceMesh is an enterprise software company that provides a single product, the ServiceMesh Agility Platform. The ServiceMesh Agility Platform is the only enterprise grade cloud management platform.

Achieve “IT as a Service”

ServiceMesh helps Global 2000 organizations realize the strategic benefits of cloud computing. We help transform fledgling private cloud infrastructures into fully governed, “IT as a Service” environments where business users can consume applications, platforms, and services on-demand in a “pay as you go” cost model. We also help safely extend these private clouds to public clouds, allowing our customers to maintain governance, compliance and security, while obtaining the associated cost savings for non-production environments.

IT Complexity Necessitates a True Enterprise Grade Cloud Management Platform

At ServiceMesh, we understand the nature and complexity of enterprise IT. Our platform and solutions help change the way IT delivers services so that businesses can respond more rapidly to change, and IT can become demand-driven, governed, automated, transparent, and financially geared to maximize the benefits of hybrid cloud environments. This approach requires a true enterprise software platform with touch points and dependencies across the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), enterprise IT ecosystem, existing application portfolios, and much more. We have experience deploying our platform successfully with some of the most demanding global enterprise customers in the world.

Tactical Cloud Management Products Don’t Make the Grade

Comparatively, the vast majority of cloud management products on the market today have focused on tactical operational improvements in packaging and deploying workloads to a cloud. These products can be effective in addressing pockets of inefficiency in moving workloads from Point A to Point B. However in complex enterprise settings, tactical automation tools used in isolation raise the risk of simply doing “bad things faster.” Similarly, products with a narrow management framework or technology support can lock you into a vendor or technology you’ll regret later.

ServiceMesh Delivers an On-Demand, Self-Service IT Operating Model

ServiceMesh focuses on the delivery of the strategic competitive advantages of an on-demand, self-service operating model. Our platform and solutions are designed to:

  • Allow enterprise customers to glean the benefits received from a federation of multiple internal and external clouds by allowing them to automate the deployment and management of enterprise applications and platforms in a repeatable, infrastructure-independent fashion. Enterprises will employ many clouds in the future, not a single private, public, or hybrid cloud. Our unified platform is designed to align these multiple, heterogeneous clouds for best fit to varying enterprise needs.
  • Provide management, governance, security, and automation delivered in the context of the entire lifecycle of cloud applications. Simply automating and managing instances in a cloud is a relatively minor aspect of the larger opportunity. Enterprises need extensible policy-driven governance, zoned security models, lifecycle automation, closed loop audit trails, federated identity management, and more.
  • A versatile platform to deliver an “everything as a service IT” model, not simply limited to a narrow focus on just IaaS, or PaaS, or SaaS.
  • Remove barriers and silos across the broader SDLC that significantly delay cycle times.
  • Integrate and leverage existing vendor IT ecosystems to extend management control, transparency, and automation.
  • Provide sophisticated, customizable migration planning for existing application portfolios that can be extremely large and complex (up to 10,000’s of apps).

Enterprises also want an implementation approach that can deliver immediate ROI, and evolve incrementally while aligned to a strategic IT plan. ServiceMesh provides this through our Advisory Services, Solutions, and our Agility Platform to deliver fast initial implementation results combined with sustainable long term strategic benefits.