DesignerDESIGN highly versatile cloud workloads with a graphical workbench to assemble portable stacks, templates, and multi-tier application blueprints for deployment across hybrid clouds.

Organizations need the flexibility to deploy their cloud workloads to whatever cloud environment delivers the best combination of price, performance, compliance, security, and service levels that they need. Agility Platform enables the rapid assembly of everything from simple stacks to highly complex multi-tier application blueprints and topologies, and enables these workloads to have the cloud portability that enterprises need for vendor contestability, combined with the business agility provided by on-demand provisioning.

Optimize Applications and Platforms for Use in the Cloud

Agility Platform provides a graphical environment to accelerate the design and assembly process of complex cloud workloads. Workloads such as development platforms, custom business applications, and packaged applications are assembled into blueprints and outfitted with application configuration controls, auto-scaling rules, storage tiers, security settings, governance controls, and embedded with operating environment agents and utilities. To accelerate design and assembly, Agility Platform includes a version-controlled library for reusable base images and deployment accelerators including customizable templates, scripts, blueprints, policies, packages, and more.  Enterprise IT can also automatically enforce standards during the blueprint design and modeling process, such as embedding best practices for the governance and configuration of deployment environments, and defining standard operating environments with software packages and scripts included by default into selected blueprints.

Create an Enterprise “Everything as a Service” Portfolio

Agility Platform allows developers and architects to construct a versatile “everything as a service” portfolio that is policy-compliant and portable across heterogeneous cloud types. Once these cloud workloads are assembled, they can be seamlessly promoted to the next lifecycle stage for publishing and end user consumption.