Release ManagerRELEASE applications to market faster by automating the promotion of software builds and environments across the SDLC with governance, automation, and control.

In order to keep up with rapidly changing business needs, IT organizations need to streamline the software development lifecycle (SDLC) for faster software releases. Agility Platform increases the speed and frequency of software releases with an easy-to-use visual dashboard and workflow automation capabilities to promote software builds and deployment environments across each stage of the application delivery lifecycle with governance and control.

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Automate Existing Software Tool Chains

Agility Platform allows you to customize software lifecycle stages to reflect each organization’s SDLC and establish role-based permissions to promote, accept and approve software builds at each stage. With Agility Platform’s release management capabilities, you can leverage policies and enable release automation across stages, or introduce manual release approval processes with integration into existing SDLC tool chains, workflows and quality gates.

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Increase the Speed and Frequency of Software Releases

Agility Platform accelerates broader enterprise initiatives for DevOps, continuous delivery, and continuous integration. These capabilities include on-demand platform provisioning with embedded standard operating environments, automated application and service configuration, and management of security and operational SLAs across each role in the SDLC. Leverage these high fidelity, production-like, runtime environments across the lifecycle and achieve significant cycle time reductions while preventing the introduction of configuration errors and other defects downstream into production.