For Application Development

 “I can get a new multi-tier dev platform deployed automatically in 10 minutes when it used to take weeks.”

We know there is only one thing on your mind. You want to code and test. You want to create innovative solutions that enable your business to go after new market opportunities. But mostly, you’d just like to code and test. You’d like to stay in your preferred development environments and test tools and not have to deal with installing and configuring application platforms (e.g., web servers, app servers, messaging busses, databases, etc.). You also could do without the weeks of time wasted while you wait for infrastructure to be provisioned for your project, all because of a current inefficient IT operating model that depends on manual steps and workflow approvals.

Code & Test: Free of Infrastructure and Platform Management

With ServiceMesh DevOps Accelerator and the Agility Platform, you’ll have self service, on demand access to development and QA platforms that deploy in just minutes right from your existing development environment. You’ll spend your time coding and testing, with complete release automation, free from infrastructure and platform management.

Rapid Set Up for New Projects and Developers

If you’re a development manager, you want to set up new projects quickly with your custom development workflow automated across your chosen tool chain to support continuous builds and integration. You’d like to add new developers quickly and easily and have their development desktops automatically deployed and available in minutes instead of weeks. You’d also like to foster better coordination between your team and the IT Operations team so that you get releases deployed to production quicker and avoid re-writing and re-testing your code because it fails in the production environment. You may already be exploring DevOps methodologies with your peers in IT Operations. You’d also like to use the power of cloud computing to spin up/down development and test environments at will so you only pay for IT resources when you actually use them.

 “Pay As You Go” and Accelerate DevOps Initiatives

Development and test environments can be spun up/down in an automated fashion in concert with your custom development workflow and tool chain using ServiceMesh DevOps Accelerator and the Agility Platform. This way you only pay for IT resources you are actually using. With Common Application Platforms (CAPs) defined by your architects and the Platform Engineering team in IT Ops, you’ll be assured that you’ll develop and test your software with the production Standard Operating Environment (SOE) so you won’t have costly re-work from production issues. And from developer sandboxes, to QA environments, through to production, you’ll have consistent, automated deployment of application platforms and code artifacts. Throughout the lifecycle of your applications, you’ll use the most cost-effective cloud environments, while IT governance, compliance and security are maintained by a powerful policy engine. You’ll bring new applications and services to market quicker, find bugs earlier and significantly reduce the costs of application development and maintenance.