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Cisco InterCloud and CSC/ServiceMesh Agility Platform: Collaboration great news for enterprise customers

Today, Cisco announced a new hybrid cloud solution called Cisco InterCloud and their collaboration with CSC/ServiceMesh. Our collaboration will allow Cisco to extend InterCloud’s capabilities with the CSC/ServiceMesh Agility Platform’s ability to deploy and manage complex enterprise applications and services to hybrid cloud environments with policy-driven control of governance, compliance and security.
We’re very excited to…

by  \  27 Jan, 2014 \  11:00pm EDT
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Enterprise Cloud Governance with Agility Platform 9.1

As end of year prognostications emerge from analysts, consultants and vendors alike, it’s clear that the future for cloud computing is sunny.  However, debate remains heavy about how to implement cloud governance, when cloud benefits will convince the more risk averse to embrace cloud, and the best approach to balance IT agility with governance controls.

by  \  18 Dec, 2013 \  5:39pm EDT
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Countdown To Central IT Extinction

Enterprise IT has lost the hearts and minds of the development teams they are supposed to enable. Instead of fostering agile development with on-demand, self-service access to required application platforms and associated infrastructure, enterprise IT is making choices that grow process complexity.  In many cases, developers and business units respond by circumventing central IT altogether,…

by  \  10 Dec, 2013 \  2:10pm EDT
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Defining the Cloud Empowered Enterprise: Key Steps to Business Agility and Innovation

Transformation is alive and well across global enterprises.  From government services to financials to entertainment, the way that we consume, pay for and enjoy products and services is changing rapidly.  It is well understood that companies need to evolve quickly in order to stay ahead of the competition and IT must be a key business…

by  \  19 Nov, 2013 \  10:07pm EDT
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ServiceMesh and CSC Unite to Dominate the Delivery of Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

When we started ServiceMesh, we had a vision that the next generation of IT infrastructure, and the applications and services that run on it, would be deployed on hybrid clouds.
Over the years, there has been quite a bit of debate on this subject. Will enterprises adopt public cloud? Should all enterprises have a private cloud?…

by  \  30 Oct, 2013 \  4:49pm EDT
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ServiceMesh Agility Platform 9.1: Expanding DevOps and Hybrid Cloud Support

We’re happy to announce the latest version of the Agility Platform today.  This release includes many features based on direct feedback from our valued enterprise customers (thank you!). It’s very rewarding to see our customers implement Agility Platform in new and exciting ways. If you read between the lines in these new v9.1 features, you’ll…

by  \  29 Oct, 2013 \  3:45pm EDT
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ServiceMesh: Debutante at the VMworld Ball

ServiceMesh: Debutante at the VMworld Ball
With over 22,000 attendees coming to hear the latest news, see the newest products, and treat themselves to strategic new insights, we here at ServiceMesh were able to experience all three with what felt like a large share of the conference attendees.
At the show we introduced the world to the…

by  \  23 Sep, 2013 \  10:20pm EDT
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Don’t Fret P&L: Cloud Billing and Cost Optimization Helps IT Manage Costs, Revenue & Profit

As organizations transition a growing percentage of their infrastructure to cloud computing, demand grows for IT-as-a-service. And with end users expecting IT to offer a wide range of assets and services on demand, the question naturally arises as to who will pay for these resources — IT? Business units? Both?  Owen Rogers at the 451…

by  \  15 Aug, 2013 \  10:54pm EDT
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Development – Stuck in the middle of Shadow IT

As the saying goes, “there’s no rest for the weary” and so it goes for many software developers in large enterprises as they wrestle to work with two groups who seem to be at significant odds.  The first: business units that demand new applications and services at the speed of market change. And the second:…

by  \  14 Aug, 2013 \  10:01pm EDT
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Is the industry coalescing around the hybrid cloud? Interview with Shawn Douglass

ServiceMesh CTO, Shawn Douglass, had the opportunity to catch up with GigaOM at the recent Structure conference in San Francisco to discuss what the future holds for hybrid cloud. As ServiceMesh’s resident cloud ecosystem expert, Shawn had some interesting insights to share.
Listen here to the interview — and while you are there, subscribe to our YouTube…

by  \  29 Jul, 2013 \  3:10pm EDT
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