The Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council Speaks, Cloud Vendors and Suppliers Should Listen

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The Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council (ECLC) was formed just over a year ago by visionaries in the cloud computing space including Eric Pulier- CEO of ServiceMesh, Sean Kelley – CIO of the Asset Management Group at Deutsche Bank, and others. Since inception, the group has grown significantly in membership to include over 20 large enterprises and government agencies such as Deutsche Bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Credit Suisse, DISA, Dassault Systems, Northrop-Grumman, and many others.

So, why should CSPs listen to what the ECLC is saying?

A founding goal of the ECLC was to simplify and make cost effective the acquisition of IT services in the cloud space. This work would be accomplished through the cooperative efforts of the membership which is limited to “end-user” or “buyer” organizations that make vendor neutral recommendations to streamline and standardize the procurement of cloud services. Most of the group members have IT budgets of $1 billion or more annually, so it would make sense for the CSP community to listen.

Yesterday’s Press Release Regarding “Enterprise Grade Infrastructure as a Service Business Requirements”

I can’t speak to the details in the requirements document, as you can only gain visibility if you’re a member. Suffice it to say that when you consider the size of these customers, their collaboration on defining enterprise grade requirements should be at the top of many cloud service provider and cloud solution vendor considerations.

My Take on This Announcement

I think this type of group is exactly what the industry needs.

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