Transforming IT: From the Care and Feeding of Machines to Driving Business Innovation

by  \  6 May, 2013 \  2:02pm EDT

Over the next three to four years, datacenter infrastructure will be refreshed and a converged, modular building block approach will prevail. In the process of moving away from constructing datacenters piecemeal, the opportunity will arise to rethink IT operating and management models. And my bet is that an application-centric, cloud-operating model will prevail.

I’ve come to this conclusion because never before have I seen such a convergence of technology trends and the realization by business leaders that their operating models must undergo fundamental shifts to remain competitive. Almost every prospect, customer and partner I speak with shares a similar vision: the IT department is no longer an impediment to pursuing new opportunities, but is a strategic business enabler.

What this means is that the Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC) and Datacenter Infrastructure management (DCIM) will become the resource backplane and component controllers, respectively enabling autonomous policy-driven operations. I believe the value is not in the virtualization of disk, compute and storage but in orchestration of those resources in the context of the application lifecycle, provisioning on the right infrastructure at the right time and place, in consideration of power, cooling and cost to meet service level objectives and governance requirements of the business.

The ServiceMesh Agility Platform is best positioned to deliver on this vision, and as a result, customers and leading industry vendors with whom ServiceMesh has partnered, entrust Agility Platform as the control point for their operations. CIOs at these organizations see the power in embracing cloud-operating models, gaining vendor contestability and shifting choice and control back to the business leaders to focus on value creation, not the care and feeding of machines – or hordes of IT professional services people who once roamed freely, building custom one-off “solutions”.

Datacenter refreshes are adopting converged devices. Software-Defined Datacenter and Datacenter Infrastructure Management are redefining the very fabric of resources and resource management. New public and private cloud operating systems are becoming the preferred embodiments for service delivery. And, DevOps is closing the loop from development to production.  All culminate in creating the perfect storm that results in business operating model transformation. ServiceMesh is the capstone of all these technologies and trends.

In our unending effort to lead the market, you may have seen our recent partnership announcements with Cisco and EMC or our Vblock Ready Certification from VCE Vblock Systems. Growing our industry partnerships and expanding Agility Platform’s intrinsic value has placed ServiceMesh on an amazing trajectory. A trajectory recognized this year by Red Herring, analysts at EMA, and the SIIA. Watch this space as there is more to come!

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