For the CIO

“We’ve increased IT innovation investment by 48% while keeping the overall budget constant.”

As an enterprise CIO, you face many challenges in meeting the needs of your business users. Foremost among them is that your current IT operating model makes it difficult for the business to stay competitive with new global market entrants and small, nimble competitors. With IT resource constraints and delays, long release cycles and poor coordination between App Dev and IT Operations teams, new market opportunities can disappear before the business can go after them.

Shadow IT on the Rise

In some organizations, this has led to the rise of “Shadow IT,” where business users and developers utilize external cloud providers, who provide self-service, pay-as-you-go access to IT resources, outside of normal IT operating processes and controls. Of course, Shadow IT is a risky proposition for the enterprise (and for you), where the governance, compliance and security issues that can result are financially costly and damaging to the reputation of the business.

Enable Business Users and Developers Without Losing Control

The truth is that your business shouldn’t need to choose between maintaining governance and on-demand access to the resources they need to innovate and address new market opportunities.

Transform IT with the ServiceMesh Agility Cloud Management Platform

Cloud computing allows you to deliver “everything as a service IT” to your business users, but you need an enterprise-grade cloud management platform like the ServiceMesh Agility Platform to get there. The Agility Platform allows you to deliver the on-demand, self-service experience that your business users require to stay competitive, while allowing you to maintain governance, compliance and security across a federation of private, public and hybrid clouds with policy-driven control.