Implementation Services

Get To Value Fast with ServiceMesh Implementation Services

ServiceMesh Implementation Services assist clients in piloting, implementing, and optimizing cloud-based solutions for rapid results and future expansion. Example Implementation Services include:

Agility Platform Quick Start

  • Agility Platform installation and configuration
  • Cloud provider configuration
  • Federated identity management configuration

Design and Implement Customized “as a service” Offerings

  • Infrastructure as a Service
    • Import existing images as appropriate
    • Security hardening
    • Stack and template customization
  • Platform as a Service
    • Custom PaaS design & architecture
    • Topology configuration, auto-scaling, and optimization
    • PaaS developer guide and design pattern documents
  • Software as a Service Integration (custom, 3rdparty)
    • Usage, governance, and security policy development
    • Federated identity management configuration

DevOps Delivery Chain Automation

  • Enablement of developer self-service from their IDE
  • SDLC process analysis and benchmarking
  • DevOps governance and security model
  • Tool chain integration, automation, and standards development

Security Zone Implementation

  • Security zone configuration and implementation
  • Integration with 3rd party security tools
  • Security policy development and enforcement

Governance Policy Implementation

  • Governance policy development and enforcement
  • Policy auditing and reporting setup

Cloud Provider On-Boarding

  • Cloud chargeback configuration
  • Cloud monitoring, auditing, and benchmarking