DevOps Acceleration

Deliver Cloud Applications and Platforms at the Speed of Market Change

Forward thinking Business and IT organizations realize that accelerating the speed with which they can deliver applications is critical in making their enterprise more agile and competitive. Many of these organizations are embracing DevOps to remove bottlenecks and improve efficiency across their Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

ServiceMesh’s DevOps solution automates and governs key aspects of the Dev-to-Ops lifecycle to increase the speed and frequency of software releases without sacrificing the quality and reliability of software in production. This includes on-demand provisioning of platforms, embedding standard operating environments upstream for earlier Dev and Test use, automating application and service configuration, and managing security and operational SLAs across each role in the SDLC.

DevOps Toolchain Automation (click image to enlarge)

For Development Teams

Leverage High Fidelity, On-Demand Environments. Perform your dev and test work on high fidelity, production-like environments that are available, self-service and on-demand. No longer worry about configuring application stacks and administering underlying infrastructure and platforms, so you can spend more time coding.

For Operations Teams

Govern and Control Common Application Platforms. Use policies to govern the usage of standardized application platforms and environments. Leverage fine-grain governance and security controls to take full advantage of your organization’s private, public, and hybrid cloud strategy.

Customizable Workflows and Tool Chain Automation. Streamline and automate across the development-to-operations lifecycle. Keep pace with faster change by automating and standardizing tasks that are manually configured today.

If you want to realize the benefits of DevOps to increase the speed, frequency, and quality of software deployed into production, contact ServiceMesh for additional details.