DevTest Solution

Enable Rapid Development and Test Cycles by Leveraging Self-Service, On-Demand Cloud Deployment Environments

Agile businesses know that staying ahead of the competition requires offering new products and new features on shorter deadlines, necessitating rapid software development and test cycles. Increasingly IT organizations are embracing self-service, on-demand DevTest cloud environments to reduce time-to-market and meet these business challenges.

ServiceMesh’s Agility Platform provides a DevTest solution that eliminates IT resource delays and minimizes the non-productive aspects of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) to enable developers to remain focused on coding, and QA professionals to remain focused on testing.  Agility Platform enables the on-demand provisioning of complete application development and testing platforms, so that IT staff can be immediately productive without manually configuring or administrating underlying platforms or infrastructure.  The impact of fully configured, ready-to-use platforms available immediately to do your work can significantly compress your time-to-market.

Agility Platform also provides comprehensive visibility, cost chargeback, and policy-based governance and security controls to greatly simplify development and test team management complexity. When combined with Agility Platform’s self-service portal or use of your existing portal, the result is a powerful productivity enhancer and one of the fastest and most effective ways to compress your development and test cycle times.

For Development and Test Teams

Rapid Time to Value. Get up-and-running quickly with standard dev and test platform components out-of-the-box, and rapidly customize your own platform configurations to create a self-service catalog for on-demand provisioning.  Agility Platform integrates with your existing development tool chain and SDLC stages providing you with everything you need to rapidly improve staff productivity.

Powerful and Versatile. Orchestrate the on-demand deployment of any custom development platform, including complex multi-tier applications, standard operating environments, policy-driven security and governance configurations, and more. ServiceMesh customers have created custom, on-demand platforms based on SAP, IBM WebSphere, webLogic, Microsoft .NET, and Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings like Cloud Foundry or Hadoop… all of which can be provisioned to public, private, or hybrid clouds.

Simplify Management Complexity. Simplify the management of diverse, distributed dev and test teams with policies to control access rights, deployment decisions, standard operating environment configuration management, security zones, geographic constraints, resource limits, regulatory compliance, and more with extensible policy-based governance and security controls.

Embed into your Existing SDLC.  Agility Platform’s adapters and comprehensive API allow deep integration with your existing dev and test tool chain.  Automatically spin up deployment environments, run automated test, support continuous build processes, collect results, and decommission cloud resources when done.  Before QA staff arrive in the morning, automatically spin up clean application test environments so you can quickly start verifying results.

Maintain Cost Visibility. Use Agility Platform to monitor all cloud-based resource consumption, apply custom pricing rules, and accrue charges to projects, teams, or individuals as desired for cost visibility and control.

Automate Software Promotion.  Use Agility Platform’s automated release management capabilities to promote code from development to test using your desired approval and acceptance processes, supported by automatic provisioning/de-commissioning of application deployment environments that are customizable for the specific needs of each SDLC stage.

If you want to leverage DevTest cloud solutions to dramatically compress your development and testing cycle times and improve the productivity of your teams, contact ServiceMesh for additional details.