Vblock Acceleration

Take your Vblock investment beyond infrastructure to higher value platforms and applications

Companies are using VCE™ Vblock Systems to provide a prepackaged combination of computing, storage, networking and virtualization technologies as the foundation of their private cloud. If you’ve made the investment in Vblock to leverage more flexible and scalable cloud infrastructure, you owe it to your organization to maximize the value of your investment by extending it to your IT platforms and business applications where the majority of business value resides.

ServiceMesh’s Agility Platform enables customers to adopt self-service, on-demand IT operating models that span portfolios of cloud-based infrastructure, platforms, and applications. The Agility Platform provides policy-based governance, security, and lifecycle management capabilities that extends to the application level, enabling customers to accelerate their adoption of cloud services and speed the delivery of business applications safely into Vblock and other cloud environments.

The ServiceMesh Agility Platform has been certified on VCE Vblock Systems as VCE Vblock Ready™  to provide customers with the assurance that the Agility Platform will interoperate with Vblock systems.

The Agility Platform provides a single, consolidated management platform that simplifies the operational complexities of Vblock-based clouds, along with a wide range of other private and public clouds, allowing you to compress IT service delivery times and lower costs throughout the enterprise.

For IT Organizations Using Vblock

Maximize Vblock utilization.  Enable diverse workloads to co-exist with multiple trust levels, security models, operational requirements, and governance constraints on the same Vblock host using high level policies to maximize Vblock utilization and return on investment.

On-board complex platforms and applications.  Orchestrate the automated deployment of highly complex, multi-tier platforms and applications while enforcing application-centric policies for governance and security that reduce management complexity and costs.

Single, consolidated control point for enterprise cloud governance. Provide robust, multi-cloud governance and security based on an extensible policy framework that can be readily customized for fine-grain control over users, groups, projects, workloads, cloud environments, schedules, quotas, billing, security, and more.

Self-service portal for Cloud Service Portfolios.  Provide self-service, on-demand access to the applications, platforms, and IT infrastructure needed by your teams.  Leverage resource tracking and chargeback capabilities for complete cost visibility and control.

Leverage your existing IT ecosystem.  Agility Platform provides a full-featured API, adapters, event bus and workflow engine to facilitate integration of not just your Vblock converged infrastructure, but your existing IT tools and investments including those from VMware, Cisco, and EMC.

Rapid time to value.  Leverage visual modeling tools, pre-built application components, and a complete lifecycle solution to enable rapid time-to-value for production implementations.

Enable Enterprise Hybrid-Cloud Strategies.  Agility Platform enables you to manage a broad range of public and private clouds in addition to your Vblock environments using the same consolidated control point for management, governance, and security.

If you would like to know more about getting the most out of your Vblock investment, please contact ServiceMesh for additional details.