The Cloud-Empowered Enterprise

Transformation to the Cloud-Empowered Enterprise Enables IT as a Service (ITaaS)

IT transformation through implementing a cloud operating model evolves existing inefficient and manual operating models to an automated, self-service model. As this evolution in IT takes place, the organization is on the path to becoming a Cloud-Empowered Enterprise, where on-demand, self service access to applications, platforms and underlying infrastructure drives competitive advantage. An organization’s path along the journey may be ordered differently, but the steps taken are remarkably similar. Take a look at the diagram below which charts a typical path:

Cloud IT Transformation Journey
Transformation to the Cloud-Empowered Enterprise (click image to enlarge)

ServiceMesh and CSC Help You Manage the Choices of Cloud…

It is important to recognize that many new applications will be deployed across several clouds. You’ll require an infrastructure-independent and cloud-portable approach to manage and govern applications across different deployment environments as business requirements change. This includes the use of cloud-portable application blueprints that enable heterogeneous multi-cloud deployments, yielding vendor contestability. Managing applications in the cloud also requires extensible policy-based governance and security controls. You’ll need a platform to actively govern and manage applications across the hybrid clouds of your choice. This includes optimizing the selection of cloud deployment environments based on application requirements for cost, performance, service levels, regulatory compliance, security and more.

The ServiceMesh Agility Platform helps our clients manage their environment more effectively by automating the deployment, management, governance and security of enterprise applications and platforms across private, public and hybrid cloud environments.

Our parent company, CSC, is also a cloud provider — offering highly available, secure and resilient enterprise cloud to support strategic applications and workloads. According to Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), CSC is a market-leading cloud service provider offering industry-leading standard IaaS in private, public and hybrid cloud models, including a simple and accessible public cloud with the convenience of charge card payments and self-service provisioning.

And the Required Security

CSC and ServiceMesh manage the applications and the underlying infrastructure, and keeps clients’ businesses secure. CSC’s cybersecurity services offer in-depth assessment, monitoring and management of IaaS and applications. CSC addresses antivirus, security information and event management, vulnerability, identity access management and more, partnering with organizations to mitigate considerable risk.

As more owned applications are migrated to and delivered from the cloud, IT complexity increases and must be effectively managed. Security needs to be systemic across the solution stack and operate as a trusted extension of the enterprise. To maintain effective control and the lowest IT spend in a hybrid cloud environment requires automation and governance of IT resource consumption — and consistent management of infrastructure, platforms, and apps from a single control point across different types of clouds.

The ServiceMesh Agility Platform addresses all of these challenges by offering a single, policy-driven, integrated control point for governance, compliance and security across all of those diverse cloud applications and cloud suppliers. It gives clients fully governed, self-service access to applications, platforms and services, simplifying the management, orchestration and delivery of hybrid cloud environments and enabling the movement of applications between and across clouds.

Cloud blueprints enable the design and deployment of multi-tier applications and platforms that are infrastructure-independent and portable across different private and public clouds. The ServiceMesh enterprise-grade policy and governance engine enables the creation and enforcement of an unlimited range of custom governance, compliance and security policies and integrated application-release automation, increasing the speed and frequency of software releases and accelerating development initiatives.

Bringing it All Together

CSC and ServiceMesh rationalize, modernize and transform applications to a mobile, secure, as-a-service cloud-based operating model for customers around the globe. Our combined expertise in a wide range of industries — across banking, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, the public sector, and many other diverse industries — allows us to create optimized portfolios which our clients can consume in a manner that gives them greater flexibility, faster time to market, improved cost control and margins, and heightened security.

And Envisioning the Future

While CSC and ServiceMesh help clients rationalize, modernize and transform their applications today, in the future, clients will consume all their apps from CSC’s client-specific app stores (based on the ServiceMesh technology), creating an entirely new model for enterprise IT and application distribution. This will streamline governance and security with identity management and identity-based access, allow management of application-version control, and address other IT management issues.

Over time, this will fundamentally shift the supply-and-demand economic model. When a critical mass of major enterprise applications is in the store, clients will no longer need to fund modernization; instead, software developers large and small will fund development so they can participate in the application store. Clients will simply pay per usage, gaining access to the world’s apps on demand. It’s a vision for the future that’s compelling, attractive and delivers the transformation to the Cloud-Empowered Enterprise.