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Enterprise Cloud Governance: Policies and Metamodels

James Urquhart wrote a good piece for CNET yesterday, titled Regulation, Automation, and Cloud Computing. In it, James comments on a blog by Chris Hoff discussing some of the downsides to automation. Originally, Chris had pointed out that heavily automated environments don't leave a lot of room for human intervention when things go wrong and…
by  \  2 Aug, 2011 \  11:53am EDT
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Cloud: It’s all about the apps!

When we talk about cloud computing, those of us "in the biz" often go on and on about clouds themselves. But ultimately, IaaS and PaaS clouds don't do anything themselves. They are merely a substrate on which to build other things, the infrastructure plumbing for the application development and deployment that we really want to…
by  \  1 Aug, 2011 \  5:10pm EDT

Cloud Scars: Lessons from Enterprise Pioneers

Cloud is intimidating. If you're a Global 2000 IT department just starting your journey toward the cloud, you'll find yourself faced with a lot of opinions about what you should do. Vendors, press, analysts, and consultants are happy to weigh-in. Most of what you'll hear is theory. In contrast, ServiceMesh is actively working with Global…
by  \  18 Jul, 2011 \  4:56pm EDT
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Word of the Day: Contestability

A couple months ago, I was having a discussion with a customer. The customer was currently using VMware for virtualization and wanted to know why they shouldn't simply buy into the VMware cloud story and base his internal cloud project on the VMware tool set. "Well," I answered, "VMware makes a great hypervisor, vSphere. If…
by  \  14 Jul, 2011 \  8:58pm EDT
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Searching for the Big Win

Why? It's a simple question, but it's one we don't ask very often. In the IT business, we spend a lot of time talking about what we do and how we do it, but rarely do we step back and really think about why we do the things we do. We worry about all manner…
by  \  13 Jul, 2011 \  5:52pm EDT
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Middle-Aged Agility

Can you "do cloud" if you aren't agile yourself? Many large vendors seem to think so, but customers are increasingly skeptical. At a recent 451 Group event, Bank of America Merrill Lynch architect Rupert Brown said… ...he thought that lack of agility was a big problem, and that this was the result of the companies…
by  \  7 Jul, 2011 \  10:32pm EDT
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Internal Cloud vs. Virtualization: What’s the Diff?

I saw a question flash across a social media channel the other day: "What's the difference between an internal cloud and  virtualization?" A different-but-similar question was asked by a ServiceMesh customer the other day: "I already have my server environment virtualized, so why do I need a  private cloud?" Given the confusion around these concepts,…
by  \  20 Jan, 2011 \  7:43pm EDT
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Throw Tradition to the Wind and Get Agile

First of all, Happy New Year! 2010 was a great year for ServiceMesh -- we had huge revenue growth while maintaining our profitability once again. We're ready and looking forward to continued growth and success in 2011. Over the holiday break, I had some time to think about tradition. Are the end of the year,…
by  \  4 Jan, 2011 \  4:29pm EDT
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Cloud Trust

Paul Venezia got me thinking this week with his InfoWorld article, Why do we trust Google? In the article, Paul points out that generally people are reluctant to hand personal data over to a third party, unless that third party is Google. While Google has a "Don't be evil" motto, that's hardly reason to extend…
by  \  29 Jun, 2010 \  2:14pm EDT
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Ovum: Governance Must Improve for Cloud Computing to Thrive

For the last couple of years of cloud computing evolution, people have noticed that enterprises have been hesitating to fully embrace the cloud. It's obvious that enterprises are intrigued and even excited about the promise of cloud computing, but something has been holding them back. The common wisdom was that security was the problem child.…
by  \  22 Jun, 2010 \  7:24pm EDT
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