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Development – Stuck in the middle of Shadow IT

As the saying goes, “there’s no rest for the weary” and so it goes for many software developers in large enterprises as they wrestle to work with two groups who seem to be at significant odds.  The first: business units that demand new applications and services at the speed of market change. And the second:…
by  \  14 Aug, 2013 \  10:01pm EDT
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Transforming IT: From the Care and Feeding of Machines to Driving Business Innovation, Part II

In my last post, I wrote about trends in IT Management, SDDC, DCIM and the business itself that are creating a new approach to IT operating models and the building process itself.  (You can read that article here.) As infrastructure becomes increasingly consolidated, standardized and virtualized, converged devices such as Vblock, FlexPod, VSPEX, vStartNutanix,Calxeda and the Open Compute Project consolidate incumbent Server, Storage…
by  \  21 May, 2013 \  1:07pm EDT
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Transforming IT: From the Care and Feeding of Machines to Driving Business Innovation

Over the next three to four years, datacenter infrastructure will be refreshed and a converged, modular building block approach will prevail. In the process of moving away from constructing datacenters piecemeal, the opportunity will arise to rethink IT operating and management models. And my bet is that an application-centric, cloud-operating model will prevail. I’ve come…
by  \  6 May, 2013 \  2:02pm EDT
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Don’t rob your company of Agility

What high performing organizations know about cloud-based DevOps  Are you inadvertently robbing your organization of agility? If I were to make the following statement to people from across a variety of corporate business units, I really think there would be negligible debate. “Accelerating the speed at which the business delivers new applications and services is…
by  \  1 May, 2013 \  3:04pm EDT
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News from the CTO

First, I’d like to say that I am extremely excited to be on board at ServiceMesh. A few people have asked why I made the move from a strategic post at EMC Ventures, so I thought I would share some of the background/thinking that led me to join the company. While at EMC, I had…
by  \  6 Feb, 2013 \  3:15pm EDT
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