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Recap of Cloud Computing Expo – NYC

ServiceMesh presented in general and technical sessions at Cloud Computing Expo last week. ServiceMesh’s Anthony Skipper was mentioned for having the best technical session of the week from other bloggers for his presentation entitled, “Cloud Scar Tissue: Real world implementation lessons learned from the early adopters” (download presentation). Anthony shared several enterprise customer experiences and…
by  \  13 Jun, 2011 \  6:00am EDT
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Industry specific solutions for Cloud – gimmicks or smart innovations?

Last week, the commercial technology division of the New York Stock Exchange launched the “Capital Markets Community Platform”, which they described as the first industry specific cloud platform tailored for the financial services industry. Among other capabilities mentioned, this new IaaS offering leverages NYSE Technology’s unique access to global market data and low latency connectivity…
by  \  9 Jun, 2011 \  7:02pm EDT
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Video Blog: Cloud SLAs and the Specter of the Unknown

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can make people nervous. SLAs typically provide some level of performance guarantee and therefore offer a type of insurance against unexpected events. However, unlike life insurance where actuary tables offer fairly predictable life expectancy behaviors when applied to large pools of policy holders, the world of cloud infrastructure doesn’t have a…
by  \  19 May, 2011 \  4:59pm EDT
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“What are the hidden costs and risks of cloud, and how do I mitigate them?” – Q&A from the Trenches Series #5

This is a great question, and one that many of us in IT tend to minimize when adopting new and more efficient technologies. Sometimes the simple cost savings calculations distract us: “If I can put twenty VM’s on one server and save $60K in overall cost of ownership compared to my previous environment, then I’m…
by  \  26 Apr, 2011 \  12:29pm EDT
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Discerning Freedom and Servitude in the Growing Cloud Management Space

There was an announcement by IBM earlier this week regarding updates to their Tivoli product portfolio. This update seems on the surface to offer current IBM customers with a nice new tool box of tactically focused capabilities to improve management of their virtual environments. Although there admittedly is little detail in these type press releases,…
by  \  4 Mar, 2011 \  6:04pm EDT
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The Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council Speaks, Cloud Vendors and Suppliers Should Listen

The Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council (ECLC) was formed just over a year ago by visionaries in the cloud computing space including Eric Pulier- CEO of ServiceMesh, Sean Kelley - CIO of the Asset Management Group at Deutsche Bank, and others. Since inception, the group has grown significantly in membership to include over 20 large enterprises…
by  \  28 Jan, 2011 \  2:05pm EDT
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Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk blazes the PaaS trail, but is the Beanstalk magical?

We heard some exciting news from Amazon on Wednesday: the introduction of their “Elastic Beanstalk” product for EC2. The Elastic Beanstalk is Amazon’s step into the PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) market, having previously focused more in the IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) sector. The announcement also validates the ServiceMesh “Agile IT operating model” message and reflects an accelerating shift to…
by  \  24 Jan, 2011 \  1:00pm EDT
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More 2011 Cloud Prediction Commentary

Bernard Golden has 10 predictions focused on cloud as it relates to “Cloud Service Providers” and “End Users” (Bernard is author of Virtualization for Dummy’s).  I selected Bernard’s list in combination with James Staten of Forrester, because I felt both of them gave insight that obviously contained significant industry knowledge and insight, not just positioning.…
by  \  18 Jan, 2011 \  6:57pm EDT
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Growing fast, making an impact – and having fun doing it

I feel fortunate to work for a high growth company in the cloud space.  Think about it, just a few years ago the common refrain was “IT is a cost center”, and “how can we reduce the cost of IT”. While I’ve always disagreed with those statements, I certainly understood how they evolved. The great…
by  \  18 Nov, 2010 \  6:07pm EDT
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