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Forrester Case Study on CBA – Transforming Enterprise IT

Transforming Enterprise IT from a Cost Center to an Innovation Center Read the Forrester case study now. One of our ServiceMesh customers, Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), has decided to publicly share some of the results of their cloud IT transformation efforts. We’ve been working with CBA for 4 years, and although they have been…
by  \  4 Oct, 2012 \  5:48pm EDT
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Is Cloud an Opportunity to Simplify IT?

Earlier today, I spoke with Mike Vizard about enterprise IT complexity, and whether cloud computing actually makes complexity worse or simplifies it. IT complexity certainly creates a tremendous burden in a large enterprise. It’s not just the time, resources, and chaos it inflicts on IT ops folks charged with running IT smoothly, but also the redundant…
by  \  18 Jan, 2012 \  11:27pm EDT
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More pragmatic advice and lesson learned regarding cloud adoption from ServiceMesh

What are some of the “self-inflicted wounds” that enterprises endure as part of their cloud journey? How many of these pitfalls could have been avoided with better upfront planning and guidance? During Cloud Expo West 2011, ServiceMesh’s Anthony Skipper covered the operational, governance, and security hurdles large organizations encounter along the road to enterprise cloud…
by  \  8 Dec, 2011 \  11:48am EDT
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Video Blog: Why organizational silos cause big problems for cloud

What do you think the single biggest roadblock is to successful cloud adoption in the enterprise? If you said “organizational change” you’d be right. All too often, enterprises take minimal steps to change their IT organization and processes even though cloud operating models demand fundamental shifts in mindsets, skills and tools. The reality is that many existing…
by  \  7 Dec, 2011 \  11:15am EDT
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Video Blog: Are you delivering innovation that matters using cloud?

Everybody wants to be innovative. And by now, most everybody has heard that cloud computing is a gateway to new levels of business agility and innovation. However, where do you set the bar for being innovative? More specifically, do you define innovation as providing real strategic competitive advantages to the business, and if so how…
by  \  1 Dec, 2011 \  12:13pm EDT
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“What are the biggest organizational challenges in adopting cloud?” – Q&A from the Trenches Series #7

When you’re implementing a transformative technology-based solution, often times the easy part is the technology integration, and the hard part is people and process change. That can apply to cloud computing as well particularly if you’re a large enterprise. Large enterprises have IT operating models and processes that tend to calcify over the years, along…
by  \  23 Jun, 2011 \  12:05am EDT
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Industry specific solutions for Cloud – gimmicks or smart innovations?

Last week, the commercial technology division of the New York Stock Exchange launched the “Capital Markets Community Platform”, which they described as the first industry specific cloud platform tailored for the financial services industry. Among other capabilities mentioned, this new IaaS offering leverages NYSE Technology’s unique access to global market data and low latency connectivity…
by  \  9 Jun, 2011 \  7:02pm EDT
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Video Blog: Cloud SLAs and the Specter of the Unknown

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can make people nervous. SLAs typically provide some level of performance guarantee and therefore offer a type of insurance against unexpected events. However, unlike life insurance where actuary tables offer fairly predictable life expectancy behaviors when applied to large pools of policy holders, the world of cloud infrastructure doesn’t have a…
by  \  19 May, 2011 \  4:59pm EDT
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“What planning is needed for initial cloud projects?” – Q&A from the Trenches Series #6

Organizations typically conduct a lot of research on cloud providers and enabling technologies before making the decision to embark on their first cloud project. However, sometimes this extensive research and vendor selection effort gets confused with the actual project planning required for success of that initial cloud project. After the decision is made to move…
by  \  16 May, 2011 \  9:06pm EDT
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“What are the hidden costs and risks of cloud, and how do I mitigate them?” – Q&A from the Trenches Series #5

This is a great question, and one that many of us in IT tend to minimize when adopting new and more efficient technologies. Sometimes the simple cost savings calculations distract us: “If I can put twenty VM’s on one server and save $60K in overall cost of ownership compared to my previous environment, then I’m…
by  \  26 Apr, 2011 \  12:29pm EDT
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