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Who “Owns” Your Cloud?

It seems like an odd question “who owns your cloud”, but bear with me, I promise to put you to sleep in short order. What do I mean by “Own”? Owning the Cloud strategy means that you have a responsible party ensuring that your cloud implementation plans are matched to existing business need. Owning your…
by  \  19 Apr, 2011 \  6:41pm EDT
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There’s a Cloud Coming to a Data Center Near You!

Although we’re still in the early stages of cloud adoption, it is already having a profound effect on the IT organization and how it approaches doing business. To effectively utilize cloud capabilities, you need to adapt your human and software processes for the new paradigm of “just-in-time-IT”. If you can deliver a new application or…
by  \  25 Mar, 2011 \  2:01pm EDT
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Disaster Avoidance and Recovery Planning in a Cloudified World

If you need to protect critical systems, then you need to have redundancy. However, duplication of each component, including the Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) of your data center can get tremendously expensive. Historically there haven’t been many good alternatives to provide redundancy. In some cases the redundancy is so complex it actually increases the…
by  \  5 Jan, 2011 \  5:51pm EDT
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Throw Tradition to the Wind and Get Agile

First of all, Happy New Year! 2010 was a great year for ServiceMesh -- we had huge revenue growth while maintaining our profitability once again. We're ready and looking forward to continued growth and success in 2011. Over the holiday break, I had some time to think about tradition. Are the end of the year,…
by  \  4 Jan, 2011 \  4:29pm EDT
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Using a Down Market to Prepare for Cloud

Opportunities and potential projects associated with cloud computing are looming large on virtually every CIO’s to-do list. The IT team needs to assume that cloud-based initiatives will move down hill to their must-do lists any day.  The last thing you want is to be caught by surprise and put in a position of having to…
by  \  6 Oct, 2010 \  9:38pm EDT
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Finding the Right Path to Cloud

OK, I understand cloud computing. So how do I get there? Many IT and business leaders are starting to grasp the strategic implications of cloud computing. However, determining the right entry point into cloud computing and Agile IT operating models for enterprises can be confusing and intimidating to say the least. Yet, if you don’t…
by  \  29 Sep, 2010 \  5:38pm EDT
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Creativity and IT

Why is Now a Better Time than Ever to Release your Inner IT Creativity IBM recently interviewed over 1500 CEOs and industry leaders in a report titled, “Capitalizing on Complexity” that had the CEOs prioritize their organization’s criteria for success.  Interestingly enough, the single most important criteria selected by the CEOs was “creativity” to enable…
by  \  21 Jul, 2010 \  4:46pm EDT
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Cloud Trust

Paul Venezia got me thinking this week with his InfoWorld article, Why do we trust Google? In the article, Paul points out that generally people are reluctant to hand personal data over to a third party, unless that third party is Google. While Google has a "Don't be evil" motto, that's hardly reason to extend…
by  \  29 Jun, 2010 \  2:14pm EDT
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