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“How can I make sure my cloud keeps up with my changing IT governance requirements?” — Q&A from the Trenches Series #8

As ServiceMesh works with companies implementing cloud computing projects, we often get asked the question of how the technology will be able to keep up with the shifting landscape of IT governance requirements. Customers working in highly regulated industries are often worried about adapting to future legal changes. For others in less regulated industries, it's…
by  \  4 Jan, 2012 \  1:37pm EDT
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“What are the biggest organizational challenges in adopting cloud?” – Q&A from the Trenches Series #7

When you’re implementing a transformative technology-based solution, often times the easy part is the technology integration, and the hard part is people and process change. That can apply to cloud computing as well particularly if you’re a large enterprise. Large enterprises have IT operating models and processes that tend to calcify over the years, along…
by  \  23 Jun, 2011 \  12:05am EDT
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“What planning is needed for initial cloud projects?” – Q&A from the Trenches Series #6

Organizations typically conduct a lot of research on cloud providers and enabling technologies before making the decision to embark on their first cloud project. However, sometimes this extensive research and vendor selection effort gets confused with the actual project planning required for success of that initial cloud project. After the decision is made to move…
by  \  16 May, 2011 \  9:06pm EDT
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“What are the hidden costs and risks of cloud, and how do I mitigate them?” – Q&A from the Trenches Series #5

This is a great question, and one that many of us in IT tend to minimize when adopting new and more efficient technologies. Sometimes the simple cost savings calculations distract us: “If I can put twenty VM’s on one server and save $60K in overall cost of ownership compared to my previous environment, then I’m…
by  \  26 Apr, 2011 \  12:29pm EDT
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“We’re building our first private cloud. Do we need new hardware and software?” – Q&A from the Trenches Series #4

You’ve decided to create your first private cloud. This can be both an exciting and complex endeavor. Since you’re asking about hardware and software, let’s assume you’ve already evaluated the business drivers and uses cases: Your use case(s) are not a fit for public cloud. You have internal staff capable of managing and supporting your…
by  \  5 Apr, 2011 \  1:47pm EDT
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“How do I tackle security concerns and ensure a secure cloud?” -– Q&A from the Trenches Series #3

Security concerns are a common objection to cloud computing, and it’s a perfectly valid initial response. After all, why should someone trust shared pools of computing resources, particularly when they’re outside the organization’s control, with sensitive applications and data that could expose them to financial losses, embarrassment, damaged customer relations, lawsuits, or all of the…
by  \  29 Mar, 2011 \  2:00pm EDT
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“I’m using virtualization, so why adopt cloud?” – Q&A from the Trenches Series #1

At ServiceMesh, we talk with a broad range of Global 2000 organizations that are developing and implementing enterprise cloud strategies. We’ve decided to compile a list of frequently asked questions and post brief answers in a new blog series. Feel free to send us your own questions and we’ll answer them! (Send email to…
by  \  1 Mar, 2011 \  7:21pm EDT
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