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“What are the biggest organizational challenges in adopting cloud?” – Q&A from the Trenches Series #7

When you’re implementing a transformative technology-based solution, often times the easy part is the technology integration, and the hard part is people and process change. That can apply to cloud computing as well particularly if you’re a large enterprise. Large enterprises have IT operating models and processes that tend to calcify over the years, along…
by  \  23 Jun, 2011 \  12:05am EDT
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“How do I tackle security concerns and ensure a secure cloud?” -– Q&A from the Trenches Series #3

Security concerns are a common objection to cloud computing, and it’s a perfectly valid initial response. After all, why should someone trust shared pools of computing resources, particularly when they’re outside the organization’s control, with sensitive applications and data that could expose them to financial losses, embarrassment, damaged customer relations, lawsuits, or all of the…
by  \  29 Mar, 2011 \  2:00pm EDT
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