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Video Blog: Extensible Policy-Driven Governance

Enterprises require fine-grain cloud governance controls to manage the complexity and regulatory/compliance risk inherent in their organizations. Most everyone agrees cloud governance is necessary, so the challenge becomes how to create and enforce policies and governance in an automated way, while keeping it largely transparent to end users, and allowing those policy control to be…
by  \  26 Jul, 2012 \  6:40pm EDT
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Straight-Through IT Processing

Ron Tolido, SVP and CTO of Applications, Continental Europe, for Capgemini, wrote a great blog post the other day about how the IT industry has adopted agile principles, hook, line, and sinker. It's all agile, all the time these days, whether we're talking about agile infrastructure, agile development, or agile operations (aka "devops"). Ron writes Guys (and girl):…
by  \  9 May, 2012 \  11:33am EDT
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Cloud Myth #4: Private Cloud is Just a State of Mind

My morning coffee reading today was Josh Stephens's "Top five virtualization problems: Building a private cloud" over at TechTarget SearchNetworking. I was all set to get some good advice on private clouds. Unfortunately, I stumbled on another Cloud Myth. The article starts off well enough, but runs aground when it gets to what should be…
by  \  25 Oct, 2011 \  11:07am EDT

Middle-Aged Agility

Can you "do cloud" if you aren't agile yourself? Many large vendors seem to think so, but customers are increasingly skeptical. At a recent 451 Group event, Bank of America Merrill Lynch architect Rupert Brown said… ...he thought that lack of agility was a big problem, and that this was the result of the companies…
by  \  7 Jul, 2011 \  10:32pm EDT
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“What planning is needed for initial cloud projects?” – Q&A from the Trenches Series #6

Organizations typically conduct a lot of research on cloud providers and enabling technologies before making the decision to embark on their first cloud project. However, sometimes this extensive research and vendor selection effort gets confused with the actual project planning required for success of that initial cloud project. After the decision is made to move…
by  \  16 May, 2011 \  9:06pm EDT
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Automation in the Cloud – The Devil is in the Details

When evaluating the benefits of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), there are number of considerations to take into account. Some fairly obvious starting points may include the ease of scaling capacity up or down as your business requires, along with the associated costs, and the dependability and quality of service you’ll need.  Right behind those…
by  \  29 Nov, 2010 \  6:29pm EDT
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Creativity and IT

Why is Now a Better Time than Ever to Release your Inner IT Creativity IBM recently interviewed over 1500 CEOs and industry leaders in a report titled, “Capitalizing on Complexity” that had the CEOs prioritize their organization’s criteria for success.  Interestingly enough, the single most important criteria selected by the CEOs was “creativity” to enable…
by  \  21 Jul, 2010 \  4:46pm EDT
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