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Cloud Myth #4: Private Cloud is Just a State of Mind

My morning coffee reading today was Josh Stephens's "Top five virtualization problems: Building a private cloud" over at TechTarget SearchNetworking. I was all set to get some good advice on private clouds. Unfortunately, I stumbled on another Cloud Myth. The article starts off well enough, but runs aground when it gets to what should be…
by  \  25 Oct, 2011 \  11:07am EDT

Cloud Myth #2: THE Cloud

I hear it again and again: "My data resides in the cloud." "I got rid of my servers and I'm using the cloud to do all my computing." "If we start using the cloud, will I have to build another data center?" A couple years ago, I started keeping an eye out for the cloud, but…
by  \  20 Sep, 2011 \  10:19am EDT
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Cloud Myth #1: “Their stuff is more risky than our stuff”

My morning coffee read today was Paul Venezia's "The cloud hazard no one talks about," at InfoWorld (hat tip to David Linthicum's Twitter feed: @DavidLinthicum). Paul's article makes the case that while "the cloud" (whatever that is) is great for getting rid of capital equipment, it ends up spreading around all your data, which means…
by  \  19 Sep, 2011 \  11:18am EDT
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Getting PaaS’d Infrastructure as a Service

In my Cloud Expo presentation a couple of months ago, I went through a progression of infrastructure provisioning systems over the past decade. I noted that while we have certainly accomplished a lot over that time period, business-unit (BU) users are increasingly discovering that they don't want to provision and access resources at the infrastructure…
by  \  8 Sep, 2011 \  1:03pm EDT

#cloudgovernance is trending (and trendy)

Old and busted: Cloud management and automation New hotness: Enterprise cloud governance Lately, cloud governance is getting some visibility. A couple days ago, James Urquhart wrote "Regulation, automation, and cloud computing" for CNET. I gave my thoughts on James's points yesterday. Also, yesterday, Phil Wainewright wrote "Time to think about cloud governance" for ZDNet, graciously mentioning…
by  \  3 Aug, 2011 \  12:17pm EDT
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Interview with SYS-CON.TV at Cloud Expo NYC

Back at Cloud Expo in June, I had the chance to sit down with Jeremy Geelan from SYS-CON for a short interview. If you'd like to understand ServiceMesh and the Agility Platform in a bit more detail, this is a great way to cover a lot of ground in 6 minutes and 45 seconds.
by  \  3 Aug, 2011 \  11:41am EDT
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Cloud Scars: Lessons from Enterprise Pioneers

Cloud is intimidating. If you're a Global 2000 IT department just starting your journey toward the cloud, you'll find yourself faced with a lot of opinions about what you should do. Vendors, press, analysts, and consultants are happy to weigh-in. Most of what you'll hear is theory. In contrast, ServiceMesh is actively working with Global…
by  \  18 Jul, 2011 \  4:56pm EDT
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Middle-Aged Agility

Can you "do cloud" if you aren't agile yourself? Many large vendors seem to think so, but customers are increasingly skeptical. At a recent 451 Group event, Bank of America Merrill Lynch architect Rupert Brown said… ...he thought that lack of agility was a big problem, and that this was the result of the companies…
by  \  7 Jul, 2011 \  10:32pm EDT
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“We’re building our first private cloud. Do we need new hardware and software?” – Q&A from the Trenches Series #4

You’ve decided to create your first private cloud. This can be both an exciting and complex endeavor. Since you’re asking about hardware and software, let’s assume you’ve already evaluated the business drivers and uses cases: Your use case(s) are not a fit for public cloud. You have internal staff capable of managing and supporting your…
by  \  5 Apr, 2011 \  1:47pm EDT
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