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Cloud Myth #3: The Cloud is Insecure

Previously, I discussed the myth that "their stuff is more risky than our stuff." A couple weeks ago, I saw this article in eWeek, "Cloud Security Remains Top Business Worry." I felt that it warranted a post as another cloud myth, basically a corollary to "their stuff is more risky than our stuff." The eWeek…
by  \  17 Oct, 2011 \  2:47pm EDT
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Cloud Myth #1: “Their stuff is more risky than our stuff”

My morning coffee read today was Paul Venezia's "The cloud hazard no one talks about," at InfoWorld (hat tip to David Linthicum's Twitter feed: @DavidLinthicum). Paul's article makes the case that while "the cloud" (whatever that is) is great for getting rid of capital equipment, it ends up spreading around all your data, which means…
by  \  19 Sep, 2011 \  11:18am EDT
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Word of the Day: Contestability

A couple months ago, I was having a discussion with a customer. The customer was currently using VMware for virtualization and wanted to know why they shouldn't simply buy into the VMware cloud story and base his internal cloud project on the VMware tool set. "Well," I answered, "VMware makes a great hypervisor, vSphere. If…
by  \  14 Jul, 2011 \  8:58pm EDT
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More 2011 Cloud Prediction Commentary

Bernard Golden has 10 predictions focused on cloud as it relates to “Cloud Service Providers” and “End Users” (Bernard is author of Virtualization for Dummy’s).  I selected Bernard’s list in combination with James Staten of Forrester, because I felt both of them gave insight that obviously contained significant industry knowledge and insight, not just positioning.…
by  \  18 Jan, 2011 \  6:57pm EDT
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“Hit the lights. Welcome to ServiceMesh.”

It sounds overly grandiose to declare the dawn of a new era of information technology. It sounds even more hyperbolic to declare that the impact will fundamentally affect how companies are run and business is conducted around the world. Yes, it would be dramatic to make such statements--but also true. The last time I made…
by  \  26 May, 2010 \  5:05pm EDT
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