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Private or Public Clouds: A Ridiculous Debate

Public or Private? Private or Public? Let me officially call it: The debate over public or private cloud is over. Every (yes, EVERY) enterprise will have more than one type of internal cloud and at least one external cloud in use.  Let me say it again: EVERY one. There are no enterprises left that are…
by  \  3 Jun, 2013 \  2:49pm EDT
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Be Careful What You Ask For

In the 70’s, Toyota unveiled a great ad campaign that began with the phrase, “You asked for it, you got it.” Little did I know that nearly 40 years later the slogan would be truer than ever when applied to the cloud. For the dangers of building applications on clouds without true decoupling of the…
by  \  24 May, 2013 \  2:29pm EDT
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Word of the Day: Contestability

A couple months ago, I was having a discussion with a customer. The customer was currently using VMware for virtualization and wanted to know why they shouldn't simply buy into the VMware cloud story and base his internal cloud project on the VMware tool set. "Well," I answered, "VMware makes a great hypervisor, vSphere. If…
by  \  14 Jul, 2011 \  8:58pm EDT
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“We’re building our first private cloud. Do we need new hardware and software?” – Q&A from the Trenches Series #4

You’ve decided to create your first private cloud. This can be both an exciting and complex endeavor. Since you’re asking about hardware and software, let’s assume you’ve already evaluated the business drivers and uses cases: Your use case(s) are not a fit for public cloud. You have internal staff capable of managing and supporting your…
by  \  5 Apr, 2011 \  1:47pm EDT
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