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Cloud Myth #3: The Cloud is Insecure

Previously, I discussed the myth that "their stuff is more risky than our stuff." A couple weeks ago, I saw this article in eWeek, "Cloud Security Remains Top Business Worry." I felt that it warranted a post as another cloud myth, basically a corollary to "their stuff is more risky than our stuff." The eWeek…
by  \  17 Oct, 2011 \  2:47pm EDT
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Finding the Right Path to Cloud

OK, I understand cloud computing. So how do I get there? Many IT and business leaders are starting to grasp the strategic implications of cloud computing. However, determining the right entry point into cloud computing and Agile IT operating models for enterprises can be confusing and intimidating to say the least. Yet, if you don’t…
by  \  29 Sep, 2010 \  5:38pm EDT
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