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Video Blog: Policy-Driven Governance for Enterprise Clouds

The cloud marketplace is starting to make a shift, with the topic of policy-driven governance starting to grab more mindshare. That’s good news for us, because we’ve been working on solutions to address the complexities of policy creation and enforcement for enterprise cloud for over 3 years. To provide a small glimpse of that effort,…
by  \  5 May, 2011 \  6:34pm EDT

Ovum: Governance Must Improve for Cloud Computing to Thrive

For the last couple of years of cloud computing evolution, people have noticed that enterprises have been hesitating to fully embrace the cloud. It's obvious that enterprises are intrigued and even excited about the promise of cloud computing, but something has been holding them back. The common wisdom was that security was the problem child.…
by  \  22 Jun, 2010 \  7:24pm EDT
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