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Cloud Myth #3: The Cloud is Insecure

Previously, I discussed the myth that "their stuff is more risky than our stuff." A couple weeks ago, I saw this article in eWeek, "Cloud Security Remains Top Business Worry." I felt that it warranted a post as another cloud myth, basically a corollary to "their stuff is more risky than our stuff." The eWeek…
by  \  17 Oct, 2011 \  2:47pm EDT
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Cloud Myth #1: “Their stuff is more risky than our stuff”

My morning coffee read today was Paul Venezia's "The cloud hazard no one talks about," at InfoWorld (hat tip to David Linthicum's Twitter feed: @DavidLinthicum). Paul's article makes the case that while "the cloud" (whatever that is) is great for getting rid of capital equipment, it ends up spreading around all your data, which means…
by  \  19 Sep, 2011 \  11:18am EDT
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Enterprise Cloud Governance: Policies and Metamodels

James Urquhart wrote a good piece for CNET yesterday, titled Regulation, Automation, and Cloud Computing. In it, James comments on a blog by Chris Hoff discussing some of the downsides to automation. Originally, Chris had pointed out that heavily automated environments don't leave a lot of room for human intervention when things go wrong and…
by  \  2 Aug, 2011 \  11:53am EDT
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“What are the hidden costs and risks of cloud, and how do I mitigate them?” – Q&A from the Trenches Series #5

This is a great question, and one that many of us in IT tend to minimize when adopting new and more efficient technologies. Sometimes the simple cost savings calculations distract us: “If I can put twenty VM’s on one server and save $60K in overall cost of ownership compared to my previous environment, then I’m…
by  \  26 Apr, 2011 \  12:29pm EDT
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There’s a Cloud Coming to a Data Center Near You!

Although we’re still in the early stages of cloud adoption, it is already having a profound effect on the IT organization and how it approaches doing business. To effectively utilize cloud capabilities, you need to adapt your human and software processes for the new paradigm of “just-in-time-IT”. If you can deliver a new application or…
by  \  25 Mar, 2011 \  2:01pm EDT
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