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Private or Public Clouds: A Ridiculous Debate

Public or Private? Private or Public? Let me officially call it: The debate over public or private cloud is over. Every (yes, EVERY) enterprise will have more than one type of internal cloud and at least one external cloud in use.  Let me say it again: EVERY one. There are no enterprises left that are…
by  \  3 Jun, 2013 \  2:49pm EDT
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ServiceMesh Agility Platform 9.0: Driving Business Agility through Effective Cloud Management

"Leaving aside the proliferating startups in ServiceMesh's sector, Cisco, Dell, VMware and the Big Four enterprise systems management vendors can't lose the battle for cloud management without losing the war – and their lives."  This is what 451 analyst Rachel Chalmers wrote when describing the competition to ServiceMesh’s Agility Platform 9.0, and just one reason…
by  \  4 Mar, 2013 \  6:00am EDT
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News from the CTO

First, I’d like to say that I am extremely excited to be on board at ServiceMesh. A few people have asked why I made the move from a strategic post at EMC Ventures, so I thought I would share some of the background/thinking that led me to join the company. While at EMC, I had…
by  \  6 Feb, 2013 \  3:15pm EDT
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Commonwealth Bank of Australia Case Study at Cloud Connect

Back in mid-February at Cloud Connect, I had the pleasure of presenting a case study about Commonwealth Bank of Australia's (CBA) use of private clouds over the last several years. The session was well attended and well received, highlighting the industry's overall hunger for in-depth case studies. (UPDATE Mar 8, 2012: It turns out this session was the fifth most popular at Cloud…
by  \  7 Mar, 2012 \  12:33pm EDT
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Threading the Needle with PaaS-based Policy

After my previous posts on PaaS, JP Morgenthal (Twitter: @jpmorgenthal) and I have had some offline conversations. The discussion resulted in JP putting together the following blog post. He has graciously allowed me to post it here at It should be noted that the issues JP identifies below are largely restricted to public PaaS. Private…
by  \  14 Oct, 2011 \  12:52pm EDT
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Understanding Private Enterprise PaaS

Yesterday, I wrote about the trends pushing developers toward PaaS solutions and away from IaaS. The simple analogy is that IaaS is the "assembly language" of the cloud world, while PaaS represents a higher level language. With IaaS, developers have complete freedom to build and configure anything they want, from the operating system on up,…
by  \  9 Sep, 2011 \  12:16pm EDT
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Getting PaaS’d Infrastructure as a Service

In my Cloud Expo presentation a couple of months ago, I went through a progression of infrastructure provisioning systems over the past decade. I noted that while we have certainly accomplished a lot over that time period, business-unit (BU) users are increasingly discovering that they don't want to provision and access resources at the infrastructure…
by  \  8 Sep, 2011 \  1:03pm EDT

“We’re building our first private cloud. Do we need new hardware and software?” – Q&A from the Trenches Series #4

You’ve decided to create your first private cloud. This can be both an exciting and complex endeavor. Since you’re asking about hardware and software, let’s assume you’ve already evaluated the business drivers and uses cases: Your use case(s) are not a fit for public cloud. You have internal staff capable of managing and supporting your…
by  \  5 Apr, 2011 \  1:47pm EDT
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Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk blazes the PaaS trail, but is the Beanstalk magical?

We heard some exciting news from Amazon on Wednesday: the introduction of their “Elastic Beanstalk” product for EC2. The Elastic Beanstalk is Amazon’s step into the PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) market, having previously focused more in the IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) sector. The announcement also validates the ServiceMesh “Agile IT operating model” message and reflects an accelerating shift to…
by  \  24 Jan, 2011 \  1:00pm EDT
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