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Software Defined Data Center: What’s your real goal? Incremental optimization or true business agility

There is enormous change afoot in the enterprise IT vendor landscape. Consolidation, announcements, bold claims, counter-claims as well as backtracks, delays and pivots.  The big, traditional players  in the vendor community are doing everything they can to remain competitive and offer products and services that will keep them relevant. Meanwhile, the enterprise is changing faster…
by  \  16 Jul, 2013 \  5:46pm EDT
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Five Critical Ways to Improve Security Posture Across Clouds

Survey after survey continues to find that security is chief among the challenges with cloud computing. In fact, fewer than half of security and compliance officers feel that they have the technology they need to secure their cloud deployments! Cloud management platforms can play a pivotal role in cloud security by centralizing the orchestration, governance…
by  \  10 Jun, 2013 \  3:14pm EDT
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Private or Public Clouds: A Ridiculous Debate

Public or Private? Private or Public? Let me officially call it: The debate over public or private cloud is over. Every (yes, EVERY) enterprise will have more than one type of internal cloud and at least one external cloud in use.  Let me say it again: EVERY one. There are no enterprises left that are…
by  \  3 Jun, 2013 \  2:49pm EDT
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ServiceMesh Integrates EMC ViPR Software-Defined Storage Into On-Demand, Cloud-Based IT Services

Hearty congratulations to EMC on the announcement of their newest offering, ViPR.  It’s truly exciting to hear the buzz here in Vegas about it and to answer questions on the show floor as to how ServiceMesh Agility Platform integrates and supports the new Software-Defined Storage offering.  For more on that, read here.  While the reception…
by  \  8 May, 2013 \  8:15am EDT
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ServiceMesh Agility Platform 9.0: Driving Business Agility through Effective Cloud Management

"Leaving aside the proliferating startups in ServiceMesh's sector, Cisco, Dell, VMware and the Big Four enterprise systems management vendors can't lose the battle for cloud management without losing the war – and their lives."  This is what 451 analyst Rachel Chalmers wrote when describing the competition to ServiceMesh’s Agility Platform 9.0, and just one reason…
by  \  4 Mar, 2013 \  6:00am EDT
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