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Throw Tradition to the Wind and Get Agile

First of all, Happy New Year! 2010 was a great year for ServiceMesh -- we had huge revenue growth while maintaining our profitability once again. We're ready and looking forward to continued growth and success in 2011. Over the holiday break, I had some time to think about tradition. Are the end of the year,…
by  \  4 Jan, 2011 \  4:29pm EDT
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Growing fast, making an impact – and having fun doing it

I feel fortunate to work for a high growth company in the cloud space.  Think about it, just a few years ago the common refrain was “IT is a cost center”, and “how can we reduce the cost of IT”. While I’ve always disagreed with those statements, I certainly understood how they evolved. The great…
by  \  18 Nov, 2010 \  6:07pm EDT
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Ovum: Governance Must Improve for Cloud Computing to Thrive

For the last couple of years of cloud computing evolution, people have noticed that enterprises have been hesitating to fully embrace the cloud. It's obvious that enterprises are intrigued and even excited about the promise of cloud computing, but something has been holding them back. The common wisdom was that security was the problem child.…
by  \  22 Jun, 2010 \  7:24pm EDT
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“Hit the lights. Welcome to ServiceMesh.”

It sounds overly grandiose to declare the dawn of a new era of information technology. It sounds even more hyperbolic to declare that the impact will fundamentally affect how companies are run and business is conducted around the world. Yes, it would be dramatic to make such statements--but also true. The last time I made…
by  \  26 May, 2010 \  5:05pm EDT
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