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Understanding Private Enterprise PaaS

Yesterday, I wrote about the trends pushing developers toward PaaS solutions and away from IaaS. The simple analogy is that IaaS is the "assembly language" of the cloud world, while PaaS represents a higher level language. With IaaS, developers have complete freedom to build and configure anything they want, from the operating system on up,…
by  \  9 Sep, 2011 \  12:16pm EDT
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Getting PaaS’d Infrastructure as a Service

In my Cloud Expo presentation a couple of months ago, I went through a progression of infrastructure provisioning systems over the past decade. I noted that while we have certainly accomplished a lot over that time period, business-unit (BU) users are increasingly discovering that they don't want to provision and access resources at the infrastructure…
by  \  8 Sep, 2011 \  1:03pm EDT

Word of the Day: Contestability

A couple months ago, I was having a discussion with a customer. The customer was currently using VMware for virtualization and wanted to know why they shouldn't simply buy into the VMware cloud story and base his internal cloud project on the VMware tool set. "Well," I answered, "VMware makes a great hypervisor, vSphere. If…
by  \  14 Jul, 2011 \  8:58pm EDT
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