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Cloud: It’s all about the apps!

When we talk about cloud computing, those of us "in the biz" often go on and on about clouds themselves. But ultimately, IaaS and PaaS clouds don't do anything themselves. They are merely a substrate on which to build other things, the infrastructure plumbing for the application development and deployment that we really want to…
by  \  1 Aug, 2011 \  5:10pm EDT

Cloud Scars: Lessons from Enterprise Pioneers

Cloud is intimidating. If you're a Global 2000 IT department just starting your journey toward the cloud, you'll find yourself faced with a lot of opinions about what you should do. Vendors, press, analysts, and consultants are happy to weigh-in. Most of what you'll hear is theory. In contrast, ServiceMesh is actively working with Global…
by  \  18 Jul, 2011 \  4:56pm EDT
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