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Watch Now On Demand! Accelerating DevOps in your Enterprise

Forward thinking Business and IT organizations realize that accelerating the speed with which they can deliver applications is critical in making their enterprise more agile and competitive, and they’re embracing DevOps to remove bottlenecks and improve efficiency across their software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Join us to learn how ServiceMesh’s DevOps Acceleration solution automates and governs key aspects of the Dev-to-Ops lifecycle, increasing the speed and frequency of software releases without sacrificing the quality and reliability of software in production.

Presented by: Derick Townsend, VP of Product Marketing & Kyle Falkenhagen, Director of Product Management

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Watch Now On Demand! From Virtualization to Transformation: What to Know Before You Buy

A Tale of Divergent Paths to IT Transformation

IT transformation through cloud computing is becoming a top priority for most enterprises. The goals are driven at the IT executive level, and tied directly back to business value. The bottom line is that business units want to accelerate time to market for new applications and services to address new market opportunities, but they are hampered by current IT Operating models. Cloud computing offers the opportunity to address this, but one must choose the correct path and the right cloud management platform to meet the challenges of the strategic goals of transformation. Enterprises typically adopt one of two approaches in their quest for transformation:

  • One path takes a project-centric, walk before you run view with infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) following virtualization programs. Unfortunately, this approach often produces a dead-end with regard to the strategic goals of the IT transformation, resulting in a rip-and-replace of the chosen cloud management tool at a very high cost to the enterprise.
  • The other path focuses on the end game for cloud computing with a goal of IT Transformation that fundamentally accelerates application release cycles while radically lowering operating costs. In this a approach, a strategic cloud management platform is chosen that can not only meet the needs of initial IaaS projects, but can meet the needs of developers so that software release cycles are accelerated in support of addressing new market opportunities.

Ultimately, the goal is to accommodate complex applications that provide real business value and simple infrastructure is a stepping stone to an application-centric requirement that was never anticipated in years past when infrastructure automation tools were introduced. This webcast will present the path and strategies needed for success.

Join us and learn:

  • Why enterprises often choose the wrong path to IT Transformation
  • How to avoid costly rip/replace strategies
  • Best practices and early mistakes unearthed by early travelers of this path

Presented by: Shawn Douglass, CTO, ServiceMesh

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Watch Now On Demand! Governance Strategies for Successful Cloud Initiatives

For almost every enterprise, the desire to rush into the cloud seems irresistible, and publicly available, credit card-accessible cloud services add fuel to this fire. However, reckless on-ramping to cloud computing, usually driven by development teams and funded by business units (known as “Shadow IT”), understandably doesn’t sit well with corporate IT.

Enterprises require fine-grain cloud governance controls to manage the complexity and regulatory/compliance risk inherent in their organizations. Most everyone agrees cloud governance is necessary. The challenge becomes how to enforce governance policy in an automated way, while keeping it largely transparent to end users, and allowing policy controls to be easily adapted to future requirements.

We will present an inside look at governance best practices in successful cloud management implementations and help attendees understand how to accelerate software releases to address new market opportunities without governance headaches.

Learn how to:

  • Establish policy-based governance for business agility
  • Minimize risk and compliance issues
  • Speed software release cycles using hybrid cloud
  • Meet the unique governance, compliance and security requirements of ANY business

Presented by:  Derick Townsend, VP of Product Marketing, ServiceMesh

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Watch Now On Demand! Accelerating Business Innovation with DevOps in the Cloud

CoPresented with Forrester Research

Organizations are coming under increasing pressure to innovate in order to achieve first-mover advantage, grow market share, and remain competitive.  IT must innovate at the speed of market change and many enterprises are realizing that DevOps and cloud computing are a means to this end.

DevOps powered by fully governed and automated cloud-based IT resources can provide an important catalyst to accelerate the pace and frequency of software releases. Cloud-based DevOps solutions that enforce fine-grain governance policies and automate the software development tool chain can accelerate application releases while improving software quality.

In this webinar, attendees will learn how:

  • Cloud and DevOps together drive a new era of IT responsiveness and efficiency
  • Best practices and success factors for leveraging a Cloud Management Platform and a hybrid cloud strategy can accelerate the (Software Development Lifecycle) SDLC
  • To implement application release automation while ensuring the appropriate levels of governance and control
  • To eliminate software release bottlenecks via policy-based automation and orchestration of cloud deployment environments.
  • To significantly accelerate software release cycles to speed business innovation and gain competitive advantage.

Presented by: Dave Bartoletti, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research, and Derick Townsend, VP Product Marketing, ServiceMesh

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